Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cleaning your ears daily maybe harmful

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Cleaning your ears every day is part of good hygiene, we are told. But it is safe?
An ear specialist warned that excessive cleaning of the ears is actually harmful. Dr. Elmer de la Cruz, an otolarynologist, said that although ear wax might be considered by most unsightly, it actually serves as protective coating against ear infection.
Our ear need that brownish wax. Cotton buds or ear cleaners can also perforate the eardrum, resulting to hearing impairment. The inner portion of the ears should be cleaned only once every two weeks. The outer part of the ears can be cleaned daily. people produced different amount of ear wax. It just like a sweat. some people are more prone to sweating than others. Most are caused by ear infection or impacted ear wax. Constant exposure to noise also causes deafness.
Those who suffered from hearing disability, should consult the especialist. This is because uncorrected hearing impairment results in a worse hearing disability. if you don't stimulate the hearing nerves, they will generate.


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