Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Developing Good Study Habit

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Here's some tip how to have good study habit:

Studying by a.ricalde.

1. Learn how to budget your time. Allocate time to various subjects and other activities.
2. Study regularly in a quite place.
3. Prepare all materials before studying and eliminate time wasters.
4. Before you study, see to it that you are free of problems that will affect concentration. Rest
mind when needed in the process.
5. Get the most difficult work first. A difficult work might better be studied first, for it cannot be mastered late at night when you are physically and mentally tired.
6. Apply good study habits to the classroom. Example : take down notes, be punctual and ask
question when it doubt.
7. Learn how to use your library.
8. Prepare for the examination.
  • know what part of the text the exam will cover.
  • if possible, find out the type of length of the exam and organize your study accordingly.
  • review the materials frequently. Pay attention to difficult points.
  • review with the intent to remember, knowing that the material will have to be recalled at a later date.
  • review short and long quizzes to clear up doubtful points.
  • extend your final, intensive review over several days preceding the examination in order to refresh your mind on details and overall principles that have been stressed throughout course.
9. Believe yourself. You can do it. do not forget to pray..

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