Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Difficulty of sleeping

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My auntie got insomnia because of stress in her life. She has difficulty in her sleeping pattern. Sometimes she only sleeps for 4 hours. And, woke up with heavy headache. She went to her physician for medical check up. The doctor prescribed her Ambien.  One of the largest prescribed drugs to help patient with insomnia.  My Aunty sleeps 7 hours for the first day, and she is so happy about the outcome of her medication.  Until now, if she has problem with her sleeping, she always has Ambien in her medicine cabinet.  Her life has changed a lot.


The Average Jane said...

I had to use Sleepasil once. It was ok but I still felt tired after sleeping for a full 8 hours. =)

Mrs.D said...

oh,my! I have exactly the same problem....gigising ako with a heavy headache....minsan kasi late na akong matulog..hehehe...blogging kasi lagi...hehehhe!

cheap magazines said...

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