Friday, August 19, 2011

Desktop Background

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My online friend will always tell me to download Linux.  He is Linux fanatic. He will blog about it and even got forum. He always invites me to visit him on his group.  He explains about this operating system that can be installed now in mobile phones.  I tell him frankly that I have no knowledge about this Linux as operating system. As I stumbled on internet, I have found out that, there are many people like Linux. I just amazed with there wall papers too.  There are thousand of wall papers in net, but linux wallpapers is stunning. They have a good quality pictures when you try to upload it. It is free to download its wallpapers and desktop background.  You can choose what you like.  They have vague variety of wall papers.  I have creative designs on my desktop.


Mom's Place said...

I have heard that too sis pero takot ako baka virus nyahaha.. anyway, thanks for the visit.

Dhemz said...

a quick visit here lang po...thanks for dropping by te.

kim said...

hmmm.. sounds interesting. left you a kiss, girl. hope you kiss me back..

chubskulit said...

I am not techy like you so worried ako sa mga ganito heheh

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