Monday, June 13, 2011

Look after your lenses

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Eye infection can be linked in contact lens wearers with contaminated lens storage cases.  This condition can occur as a result of using water direct from the tap water and once introduced. into the lens storage case can transferred on to  the lens itself and into the eye. Although the risk of infection is low, to minimize the risk even further we strongly recommend that you..

Always wash and dry your hands  before touching your lenses.
Never use water directly from the tap to rinse your lenses or storage lens
Should always rinse your contact lens storage case after use and allow air dry.
Should only rinse your contact lens using solution prescribed by optician.
Always use your lens care solution
Don't change your lens solution unless it is prescribed by doctor.


w0rkingAth0mE said...

thanks for the tips .. Parang i want to purchase one :)

Lainy said...

Hmm, never knew it's a No No for the contact lenses to be directly in contact with H20. I have been wearing contacts for 13 years now. I am myopic. Now I have to keep in mind all of these tips, Sis. SALAMAT.


Gagay said...'s not good to use water..i, myself, use contact lenses for several years now and i am using a solution for contact lenses prescribed by my dokie..thanks for this tips, btw.

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Survey Tools said...

Excellent feedback with have sweet sharing on Eye infection.I am totally agree with this

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