Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anti-stress breathing

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One of the best benefits of proper abdominal breathing is how it enables our bodies to fight stress. When we are under stress we tend to breathe more quickly and shallowly.   Shallow breathing can induce in the brain all of the mental accompaniments of ancestor’s anxious preparedness: uncomfortable states ranging from vague feelings of uneasiness to outright terror. This can be stop of progression of feelings by breathing just the opposite way to how you breathe when under stress. It is recommended to breathe in under your nose. Take an inhale exhale in slow counting. Repeat if it is needed.  This will keep you relax.


kat said...

Great tips, very useful.

Lisa said...

Yes, breathing for a while made us relax from a stressful environment. After breathing, wear a smile and go back again to work. Happy blogging! :D

reese said...

i will try this anti-stress breathing...

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