Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Len Penzo dot Com Is Giving Away $100

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Do you want $100 ? I read this giveaway from Lee blog, (Earn Money Online). But it takes 2 days to join :P  Len Penzo is having a $100 giveaway to his reader.

This giveaway will end on February 4, 2011. You have still time to join!!! Hurry try your luck.
Mechanics is so simple:
  • Subscribe to Len Penzo dot Com, either via the RSS Feed or via mail(5 entries)
  • Follow me his Twitter @LenPenzo (3 entries)
  • Hit that “Like” button and become a fan of Len penzo on facebook (2 entries)


GAGAY said...

hello silver girl! thanks for being in my blogs!!! btw, mind for exlinks? i have three blogs..if you do, ping me after saving my three blogs so i can save your blog then.

anyway, am already in my 2nd year proper medicine..:D so you're still 3rd year high school now? be good in the UPCAT! happy blogging!

Im..but GAGAY.
The Latest Buzzzz

B Boys Mom said...

love give aways thanks for the sharing.

Dhemz said...

ang laki nang prize...wishing you the best of luck sis...:)

Silvergirl said...

@Gagay that's good goodluck sa course mo:) Coz my eldest daughter is in pre med now! shes taking up med tech, hopefully if God's will mag proceed siya sa medicine, she's already pass NMAT.. My youngest daughter kasi mag 4th year HS na next year so plan ko she will get UPCAT.
@B Boys Mon you can join too :)
@Dhemz thank you :) I wish

GAGAY said...

thanks for adding my blogs.. :D saved yours too..

I'm..but GAGAY.
The Latest Buzzzz

rjs mama said...

thanks for sharing, will try to join =)

do visit and leave your mark on my blogs :)
online journal
my soltero baby

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