Thursday, January 13, 2011

Improve your future by looking at the Past

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Many couples would get along more be  if they understood each other's history more. The truth is, what you are today is the sum total of all your past experiences, including even your family history.  By sharing your past with your partner, you give him the opportunity to see where you're coming from and why you react the way you do.

Set an unhurried date to share your past with one another, you can have a candle light dinner at the house when the child is sleeping.  Share your memorable childhood experience. A traumatic event in your life or the saddest moment  of your life. All experience of your life that your partner need to know.


Russ aka Grampy said...

I found that to be very true. My wife and I have gone over our past and now we understand each other a lot better.

melandria said...

hi, dropping here today.

Blog for Fun said...

Ya its true,remembering past give some relax on our present life.Thanks for sharing.

Lainy said...

Aptly said. The past mostly make up of what we are today.

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