Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love, love love!

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The beginning of a romance is sparked by physical attraction- the most beautiful pair of eyes, the sweetest of smiles, the loveliest face, and a host of other anatomical superlatives. As the two mutually attracted people get to spend more time together, intangible factors such as personality, goals in life , principles, social and financial status and even each other problems enter the love equation. From there, the love affair either blooms or sputters out.

There's a fine line that separates being in love and finding true love. Falling in love leads to long lasting love which, as most adult know by now often doesn't happen.

Well, in order to be in love, a person has to have their love reciprocated somewhat , but not together. At the same time, the person should have the reason to hope that his or her love will be returned totally at some time in the future..

Do you still fantasize about love? As a matter of fact it is the main ingredient of love! A love struck person talking about his or her lover would most likely describe flawless.

True, long-lasting live is built on trust, communication. People who are deeply in love seem to somehow identity with the inner core of their mate. There are couple who have been married for over 50 years or so, still look and act in tune, and even finish each others sentences. Lover's on the same wavelength?

Happy Valentine's to all

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