Sunday, February 7, 2010

Look as youthful....

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Society places considerable pressure on the aging population to look a YOUTHFUL as possible. Media, advertising, and popular seem to be emphasizing images of young, shapely bodies as the epitome of health and vitality. Add to that the constant publicity of many actresses with shapely and ample bosoms that have been surgically enhanced, and we are likely to be conditioned that it suggest beauty. Social acceptance has led many perceive body image differently and opt for procedures to enhance their assets.

Thanks for the vanity business, women- and men are buying their way to better bosoms. Overly sized or infinitely small breasts, and sagging or dropping pairs can now be easily fixed-but not without consideration risks.
For many women, breast surgery offsets the 'imbalance' in their figures and helps them to easily find clothes that fit their body type. For men, it is a matter of improving their looks through muscle contouring and pectoral implants.

Breast size is controlled by genetics, diet, and sensitivity to certain hormones . A surge in estrogen levels stimulates breast tissue causing the bust line to increase. That is why women taking estrogen-containing birth control pills notice an increase in their breast size. On the other hand, exercise does not seem to have an effect. Since breast tissue is made of fat and not muscle, fitness training will not change its size and shape. Mammoplasty or cosmetic plastic surgery of the breast includes augmentation or enlargement, reduction, and lifting. Breast augmentation or enlargement involves surgically enhancing the size or altering the shape of the breasts by placing an envelope containing a soft, natural feeling implant material underneath. The procedure takes at least 2 hours to complete and is performed under general aneasthetic. Candidates for breast augmentation include women with micromasia ( a condition of having underdeveloped breasts), women who have experienced a decrease in breast size or shape due to pregnancy, weight loss, or hormone replacement after hysterectomy or at menopause.
Breast augmentation maybe done using various techniques and at different incision sites. During recovery, bruising and swelling of the breast will be noticed.
During the healing stages, the patient is advised to wear a therapeutic bra to help reduce the swelling. Some scarring, bruising, and pain will also be observed.

Women and men undertake cosmetic surgery to look better. Be it a socially conditioned response or a way of taking control of one's life, cosmetic surgery isn't something to be taken lightly. risk and complications do exist. Keep yourself informed before you go under the knife.

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Dave DeWall said...

I don't think breast augmentation makes any difference as to how I personally view a person, but I understand that some people just want to do what they can to look better. And yes, society does place a lot of pressure on looking younger, but I like the Clint Eastwood look, the guy just ages but still looks pretty good.

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