Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New social site!! RedGage

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I was invited by a friend to this site.. after sometimes i have some idea how to earn in this site..For you readers who doesn't know what is RedGage i will give you some information on how to earn money in RedGage, i got this information in their site:

If u want to visit and join us please click RedGage

What is RedGage?

RedGage is a first-of-its-kind web site that pays people for their online content and monetizes their social activity. It’s a centralized hub where you can earn money for all the things you’re already doing online at places like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and Blogger. RedGage pays based on the value of your content, measured by page views/popularity. It aggregates from other sites so you don’t even have to regularly visit RedGage.

RedGage has redefined socializing and creating projects on the web by paying you for all of your blogs, pictures, videos, documents, and links. You will not only be able to create a stronger web identity, but will also have the opportunity to host, navigate, and review a wide variety of projects.

Why is RedGage unique?

At RedGage, we realize that it’s you, the user, who makes our site worthwhile by creating and sharing all of your great content. For the first time, by using RedGage, you are able to manage all of your online videos, blogs, posts, documents, links and photos in a single location, AND have the opportunity to get paid for your content. If you manage several social media accounts, RedGage provides a one-stop destination that will automatically import your new content, so no manual work is required to earn money. By using RedGage, you can make money for what you are already doing online.

We understand that the internet has become a major part of modern life only because of people like you. And we feel that you should be rewarded. So why should you keep on using multiple sites to manage your content when you can put it all in one place, and make money while doing it? Just create an account and start uploading your content. It's absolutely free. And the sooner you start, the more you stand to gain.


How do I make money?
RedGage pays you based on the number of views you get on your content. RedGage may also pay you bonuses when your content is featured. RedGage generates its revenue by posting advertisements on the site.

How and when do I get paid?
As you start to make money, you can view your total earnings on your profile page. You can also view the earnings for each separate piece of content the individual content pages. Your account tab will allow you to breakdown your earnings and see which pieces of content are making you the most money. (To read more about your Account, read the
Account Tutorial). At the end of each month, your RedGage Funds will be added to your account. That money will be pending for two weeks so that RedGage can make sure that there wasn't any manipulation. As soon as your money clears, it will show up in your 'Available Balance'. When you reach $25.00 in your available balance, you can withdraw your funds. You may also choose to let your earnings accumulate and withdraw funds in increments of $25.00 ($50, $75, etc). When you are ready to withdraw your money, RedGage will ask you for your contact information and send you a RedGage Visa Card. To learn more about your RedGage Card, read the RedGage Visa Tutorial.

What is the RedGage Visa Card?

Your RedGage Visa Card is a physical debit card that is attached to your RedGage account only. When your RedGage funds are available and you have made a minimum of $25.00, RedGage will ask you for your contact information and ship you a RedGage Visa Card. This card will be like any other debit card and can be used at any place that accepts Visa. For your first transaction, a $5.00 card fee will be deducted from your balance. After you receive your personal RedGage Visa Card, future transactions will be immediate wireless transfers. You can keep refilling your card and use your funds as you see fit! Each time you withdraw money, a 5% processing fee will be deducted from your total. To learn more about your RedGage Card or to see an example, read the RedGage Visa Tutorial

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