Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Be Well, Be Happy.

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Everybody wants health and happiness. In other words, everybody strives to pursue his or her own well being. It could be argued that all we need to do to stay happy is to discover which activities bring us enjoyment and then devote ourselves to these, avoiding those that we don't find satisfying. Living is not that easy, even in a country as incredibly blessed as our own, many would admit that they are feeling less than happy. It doesn't take a psychiatrist to indentify the various route to this undesirable emotional state, all are related to time.

Many are unable to find happiness in the present moment because they choose to focus on the past. A loss, dissapoint, or failure that they keep reviving in their thoughts and imagination produces a feeling of depression. Or their hearts are filled with resentment over what someone did to them- or didnot do, and they go in blaming that person unforgivingly. Or they continuing to blame themselves for something about which they feel guilty. Their depression, hostility, or guilt are kept alive by dwelling in the past that no longer exists.All these emotionally distresses people, the depressed, resentful,guilt-ridden, anxious, angry, impatient, or hostile are not just missing happiness; they are also damaging the health.

Still, i believe it is one thing to decrease our emotonal stress, but something more to live life to the fullest. Wellness, in its totality, calls us to operate optimally as complete persons. Our spiritualy must become as much the focus of attention as are our emotinal and physical functioning.

Happiness comes from looking at ourselves, others, nature, events and God in a certain way. It results from looking for, finding, and cherishing what is good and beautiful in all these. It entails accepting, moments bt moment, what is real, present, actual. Happiness is the fruit of our using time well. The price of a life of happiness is learning to use our will to direct our thoughts constructively. At times we ought to focus on the past, but on the persons and events that were blessings, that were given us to live on in memories that can evoke gratitude and love. At times our will should direct our thought forward, toward the foreseeable events and situations that lend hope ans inspiration to our present moments. But most of the time the happy life is one of searching for the goodness in all that is present around us.


optimistic dora said...

"live for life, don't just exist"

wow, i luv da title of ur blog...i think it will really focus on da hapinez of mankind.

let us strive to be happy, and stay da same way even in our last breath, hehe... God bless!

Ranran said...

hi, silvergirl!

thanks for dropping by my site. you've got really cool stuff here.

cheers from Manila!

bambie said...

"But most of the time the happy life is one of searching for the goodness in all that is present around us."

Very well said! I couldn't agree with you more. Very good post!:)

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