Sunday, July 10, 2011

Food supplements enhance the healthy diet.

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Many people especially picky eaters, think that they can eat junk foods and still be healthy by taking supplements.  They take supplements instead of eating the foods that are rich in vitamins, they believed that they can get the nutrients that are missing from junk foods.

Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals are necessary for good health.  We can get these benefits from supplements, but it is not reason enough to skip on meat, fish vegetables and fruits that provide better nutrition.  These foods are still the best source of vitamins and minerals.

our health needs change over time and different people have different health needs.  Some supplements may work better for others while some don't. We cant rely on the supplements alone, unless it is prescribed by the doctor.

Food supplements are called supplements for a reason. They are meant to enhance not to replace a healthy diet.  When you eat healthy and balanced diet and you are healthy too, you don't need to take some food supplements.

Well, as a  matter of fact we are blinded by some commercials and advertisements, of any pill that state single pill contains more benefits that the foods we eat. Many people testimonials about the food pills on TV, we should not replace actual foods with supplements.


Chris said...

well said. I'm a big believer in supplements but we also try to eat a healthy diet as well.

Russ said...

We get at least one healthy meal a day. I also take mutiVitamin and Mineral Supplement. I also take Niacin.

gagay said...

i also am taking food supplements

Carol said...

I agree. taking supplements is just what it is- supplements, To make up for the lack of necessary vitamins in your body. But in the end it is still best to eat a healthy well balanced meal.

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