Saturday, March 26, 2011

PF: Shirt

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This is a late post.  I was not able to post it yesterday because I'm super busy offline. So pardon me.
Here we go...

My youngest daughter try to make fun of my hair when i am in front  my laptop. She has mood to curl my hair using her hands only, and take a photo after she did. My pink shirt is courtesy from Pinky(a friend).


Hazelicious929 said...

I like it! I like curling my hair whenever I go to a party or I have a date with my husband. But I don't like to curl my hair during winter. Mine is up - My Pink Photo

Mona said...

Never ko pa na try mag curl ng hair but i find it nice lalo na kapag long hair. Happy PF

May said...

Daughters are love, aren't they? Curly curly sweetness.

Visiting from Pink Friday!

Have a lovely weekend!

rosette said...

wow1 you're daughter has a talent on curling your is nice :-)

visiting from Pink Fridays!

here is my ENTRY

and also if you have spare time please feel free to comment on my entry to Coolbusters contest Blogging & Me


Irish said...

it's nice kaso sakin walang pwede i-curl haha

here's my pink entry for the week:

lee said...

i always do that to my mom, she likes me combing or curling her hair...
i have a new blog:
please visit mo naman oh, i am losing faith na marecover uli ang blog ko so i created another one. sana support mo uli

Cheerful said...

i can't wait for my little princess to do the will be fun i am sure! hehehe! PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...wishing you a great week!

shydub said...

Buti ka pa may libre hair salon ehhehe. libre masahe na rin yan when someone play with our hair, bats wag lang sabunutan hhehehe

carinamodella said...

very creative! ang ganda ng result mommmy :)

Moviesfb said...

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