Thursday, February 17, 2011

Carcinoma of the Colon : Colon Cancer

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Colon cancer is highly curable if diagnosed and treated early. Unfortunately many people put off seeing their doctors until the cancer is in advanced stage where a cure is more difficult to achieve.

What is colon cancer? The large bowel is known as the colon, except for the last four inches, which is called the rectum. The malignancy in all the portion of large intestine is colon cancer. Usually most colon cancer occurs on the left side in the sigmoid colon, the segment closest to the rectum.

What Causes colon cancer?
Diet plays an important role. People who consume  diet low in fiber and high in protein and fats have a high incidence of colon cancer. Exactly how diet can promote cancer is not known yet, researchers are still searching for the best answer. I think it is all about the digestion of fats.

When it is diagnosed as confirmed CA in colon. The doctor will recommend biopsy of tissue taken from a tumor or lesion in the colon is needed to establish a diagnosis of the cancer.
usually colon cancer is treated by surgical removal of the tumor along with the portion of the colon above and below the cancer to make sure that all of it is removed. The lymphatic tissue that drains the area also will be removed for further study of the possible spread. The two ends of the colon are rejoined and will function normally after surgery.  Radiation may be used before or after surgery.  And the cancer chemotherapy maybe given after surgery., depending the stage of the cancer.

You will experience change in bowel habits ( diarrhea or constipation), rectal bleeding, lower abdominal pain or bloating, change of the size or shape of the stool. So you don't have to keep this symptoms, go to your nearest hospital for consultation.


Russ aka Grampy said...

Another scary cancer. Thanks for all the information.

kimmy said...

thanks for sharing this. my father died of colon cancer 6 years ago and I do believe I am highly predisposed to this disease..

Mona said...

i learned about this in my caregiving class happy to read it again :)

Mbah Dukun Bagong said...

hello silver, i'm medical student, i've learned about Carcinoma Colon, we have to know what the symptoms and signs are.

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