Saturday, July 10, 2010

Food storage

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Store raw ingredients and cooked food properly to prevent contamination.

 Cupboards or cabinets under sinks or with pipes passing through them are not good storage places; rodents and insects have easy access to these places.  Seal doors of cupboards to keep out insects.

Store dry goods in airtight containers and refrigerate or seal ( wing cling wrap or foil) any perishable foods.

 Transfer partially used canned foods to a plastic or ceramic container; rust formation may contaminate the food.

 Separate frozen foods into single use packages, in this way, you avoid taking out or thawing large portions just to use a small amount.

 Left over foods are very common source of food borne illness because they ofthen require storage and re heating.

 Avoid serving left overs to children to minimize the risk of illness.

 Keep all leftovers in sealed containers.

 Don't leave leftovers in the fridge for more than 2-3 days; they are likely to have higher bacterial content than fresh food.

 Cool cooked food quickly and refrigerate immediately.

 Never leave cooked food at room temperature overnight.


josie said...

yes, damp and dark places are a favorite hiding place for roaches, not an applicable food storage, good tips..

spinninglovelydays said...

I think I may have broken a couple of these rules a few times in my life, lol Thanks for sharing them.

ruthi said...

thanks for the info.

Xbox 360 cheat said...

I am trying to start a year supply of food storage. What are some basics that I should remember to include?

Evergreen Thoughts said...

wow! nice post& good information for food storage

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