Monday, May 3, 2010

How to prevent falls

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      Falls and injuries that result are a major health threat to older people.  Household hazards such as slippery bathroom floors or poorly lit stairwells are  the main causes of falling accidents. 
    Instead, a person's health may have more to do with how frequently they fall and injure themselves.  Weak  leg muscles, poor vision and medication that compromise balance may put elderly people at risk of falling.  Older people should ask their doctors about the possibility of lowering the dosage   of certain daily medications such as sleeping pills, antidepressants, and blood pressure that could impair a person's sense of balance or eliminating them completely.  Elderly are advice to wear flat, wide-toed shoes. Eat calcium rich foods and take calcium supplements. They can have walking stick to help them balance while walking.    Those elderly staying at home need a helper to assist her/him in daily routine. It is very tasking to have elderly at home but as a Filipino tradition we take care to them till they will expire.


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just cracking them from the top instead of opening them from the bottom. if you really do get window guards, make sure they're easy for an adult or older child to undo, because it can also be a dangerous hazard not to be able to get out in a fire or something.

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